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Fast, Easy Access to Ontario Government Records with ServiceOntario

Driver’s Licence Renewals and More

At ServiceOntario Kitchener (Victoria Street), we are committed to providing you with fast, friendly and easy access to Ontario government products and services. Whether you need a licence for a snow mobile or you need to renew a driver’s licence, health card or need a new set of plates for your vehicle, we make it easier.

Many Services Now Available at This Location

Below are the services we provide.

Health Card Services

  • Renew Photo Health Card
  • Conversion from Red and White to Photo Health Card
  • Change name or address on Photo Health Card
  • Change address on Red and White Health Card
  • Replace Photo Health Card (lost, stolen or damaged)
  • Organ and tissue donor registration

Driver’s Licence Services

  • Renew Driver’s Licence
  • Replace Driver’s Licence (lost, stolen or damaged)
  • Change name or address
  • Change Driver’s Licence Class
  • Change Driver’s Licence Endorsement
  • Pay Reinstatement Fee

Ontario Photo Card Services

  • Register for a new Photo Card
  • Renew Photo Card
  • Report as lost or stolen
  • Replace Photo Card (lost, stolen or damaged)
  • Change name or address on Photo Card

Vehicle Products and Services

  • Register or transfer a vehicle (including Motorized Snow Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles, etc.)
  • Renew Licence Plate Stickers
  • Replace Vehicle Permits, Plates and Stickers
  • Change name or address on Vehicle Permit

Vehicle Products and Services

  • Change vehicle class, status or information
  • Obtain or replace Motorized Snow Vehicle Licence
  • Obtain Licence Plates, including Personalized Licence Plates
  • Obtain Used Vehicle Information Package
  • Obtain Gift Certificates

Accessible Parking Permit Services

  • Apply for an Accessible Parking Permit
  • Change information
  • Renew an Accessible Parking Permit
  • Replace Accessible Parking Permit (lost, stolen or damaged)

Copies of Driver and Vehicle Records

  • Driver’s Records
  • Motorized Snow Vehicle Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records/Abstracts

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us toll-free at 519-578-3211 for more information and the full list of our services. You may also visit from your mobile phone or check for additional services. .

Come and See Us

1151 Victoria Street North Unit 5

Kitchener, ON N2B 3C8


Office Phone Number:



Health Card Inquiry:


(ServiceOntario Contact Centre)


Driver & Vehicle Inquiry:


(ServiceOntario Contact Centre)

Hours Of Operation

Monday:              9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday:              9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday:        9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday:            9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday:                  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday:             9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Sunday:                Closed

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